Custom eLearning Development


Custom eLearning Development

We work with organizations across all industries to design quality content and engage learners with informative instructional materials. With an overall goal of empowering employees and driving performance. We create exceptional eLearning in a collaborative approach during the entire design and development process. It is important to realize this is not a one size fits all solution. The level descriptions below summarize our three broad classifications.


Level one eLearning functions as an animated slideshow taking information to an on-line platform. This level includes graphics and test questions.


Building on level one interactions, level two eLearning includes more complete animation effects and the presence of user-based events. These events may be scenario driven or simulation based.


Level three eLearning performs at high levels of advanced interactivity. Content at this level is presented in complex case-studies, scenarios and simulations.

We partner with our eLearning clients to ensure:

  • Each deliverable meets client expectations
  • Effective management of pre-planning, communication and risks
  • All aspects of the project are delivered on time and remain within budget

When determining your custom solution needs, we evaluate a variety of factors. To begin with, our task is becoming familiar with your corporate culture. In addition, we appraise your existing content. The goal of this is to understand the desired learning objectives. As a result of this understanding, our team works with you to determine the appropriate level of interactivity and complexity required to achieve you goals. Finally, we ensure the proper combination of details. Especially relevant are interface design, graphics/media type and instructional strategies. Because we focused on the details together, we transform the way your employees learn.